and a funny thing happened

I must share this with you all…

The other day I was changing E’s diaper. And as all of you know {that have EVER changed a little boy’s diaper}, you must watch out for the little “hose” to turn on from time to time.

Well I wasn’t being very careful because I thought the “tank” was empty and… whoops!

The hose turned on full blast and got Turbo right. in. his. mouth!!!!!!!!!

The poor puppy had no idea what had just happened–he licked his lips {uck}, shook his head and looked at me like he had just been shot.

Traumatized Turbo.


4 thoughts on “and a funny thing happened

  1. Yikes! Poor Turbo, he will never be the same. I wonder if that will help bond the two of them in their friendship.

  2. HILARIOUS!!! Now…. Noah only pooped AND peed all over Greg on our way to his 4 day checkup. He also got my brother and his wife when we went to see the Wizard of Oz. Still has yet to get me. Knock on wood. =)

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