Holding him close

Oh Lord, you are good to me...

I have been holding Elijah close to me all day.

Probably too much in some overly-smart, psychologist’s book. But he will only be MY baby once so I say that there is no such thing as TOO MUCH.


Tomorrow I go back to work which means 8 hours away from my little guy.

It will be ok.

I will be ok.

I just truly enjoy being his mom–loving him, holding him, singing to him, starring at him.


And this shall be true…

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

** and just to clear things up…I am not holding E in my shirt…it’s a Moby Wrap {more on those to come later…}


5 thoughts on “Holding him close

  1. That is an awesome photo! And I bet today was a really bittersweet day for you 😦 I hope that tomorrow goes as smoothly as possible and that everything works out perfectly!

  2. We have that same verse on a plaque with Noah’s name on it in his room too!!! =) You are one of the few people that know how special and significant that verse is to us. =)

  3. Ali, he is absolutely precious and beautiful…I LOVE reading about your journey and will be praying for you through this transition!

  4. Holy crap, you are one hot mom, Ali. I LOVE your hair. Too beautiful!

    P.S. Elijah doesn’t look so bad himself. 🙂

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