Labor Story–part 2

Thankfully, working at a hospital has a few perks and having the necessary supplies when your water breaks is one of them. I had the girls I work with get me some “chucks” {the blue and while absorbent sheets}, a handful of towels and a wheelchair. I lined the chair and then wheeled myself into the bathroom. I also had some extra scrub pants in my locker which I am thankful for because my other pants were COMPLETELY soaked. After spending some time in the bathroom leaking and cleaning up, it finally HIT me…”I am going to have a baby in 24 hours!”

Up until that point, I hadn’t allowed myself to mentally grasp what was happening–I had been in nurse-mode and now I was beginning to think like a patient.  I noticed my hands starting to shake with the realization that my contractions could come hard and fast without the cushion of the water. Still in the bathroom, I asked my coworkers to bring me my cell phone because I needed to find out what to do next.

I called my midwife and she was very nonchalant about  my water breaking. She said that I had two options, 1.) go home and wait for the contractions to begin or 2.) go up to the labor floor to be placed on the monitor for a quick check before going home. Do you see the theme…I WAS TO GO HOME, ugh! One of my greatest fears or worries while being pregnant was having to drive or being trapped in the car during labor. Even when I had Braxton hicks contractions or cramps during my pregnancy, they were always much more uncomfortable while riding in the car. I chose option number 2 to hopefully give my body time to kick into gear.

Then, I decided it would be good to give my hubby a heads up about what was going on. Lately he had been great about answering his phone {hmmmm, I wonder why? 😉 } but this time he didn’t answer. I called again. And again. Finally he decided to pick up. He was on the golf course so I cut him a bit of slack and calmly told him that my water had broken and updated him on the current plan. We decided it would be best for him to RUN go home, grab the bag {and get the last-minute items I had put on a list just in case this very thing happened} and head over to the hospital. That way he could drive if we did have to head back home but if I needed to stay then we would be prepared. David sounded mostly calm but I could hear the anticipation and excitement in his voice and that made the moment all the more real to me.

After everything was decided upon, one of my coworkers agreed to wheel me up to the labor floor. I cannot imagine the looks I would have gotten if I had to walk with my soaked pants {yes, even the new ones I had put on} with a little trail of fluid following me through the halls. Up until this point I hadn’t felt an ounce of pain but the minute we got off the elevator, I felt my first contraction.

It wasn’t a bad one and felt like a menstrual cramp. I was taken into a triage room and before I was hooked up to the monitor, the nurse said she wanted to see if my water had actually broken. I held up my bag of evidence {my two pairs of soaked pants} and she smiled. I changed into a gown, cleaned myself up once more and was placed on the monitor. Little man was doing just fine. She stepped out to get some paperwork, get me some water and call my midwife. During that time, I started to have more and more contractions. I was watching TV so I didn’t pay much attention to the times but I knew they were coming pretty regularly. When she stepped back in the room, she looked at the strip and noticed that I had been having contractions every 5 minutes.

When my midwife finally arrived it was about 5:45 pm. The contractions were continuing to be 5 min apart but I could tell that they had increased their intensity. She gave me the option of going home to labor or staying at the hospital. I wasn’t sure what the “right” answer was but staying at the hospital was more appealing to me since we lived 30 minutes away and I wanted to avoid the car at all costs!  She said that was fine and asked me if it would be alright to have a student midwife assist with my labor. I know some people are against students but having been in nursing school I remember how much I appreciated people being willing to let me learn. I was actually excited to be able to reciprocate the kindness that had often been shown to me and this decision proved to be one of the reasons that my labor was such a positive experience.

I called David again and told him that I was staying. He sounded more nervous this time and I could tell that he had been running around the house trying to get everything as quickly as possible. He was so sweet and even worried about how I was handling the pain. I told him I was still doing fine with the contractions and to take his time. We didn’t have much time to talk though because the nurse was ready to take me to my room.


5 thoughts on “Labor Story–part 2

  1. Ali, this is all soooo well-written! My goodness, I’m on the edge of my seat here. What a fun story. Even though I already know the ending, I’m hooked.

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