If only…

I had a million dollars, wasn’t {already} trying to save for my first born’s college fund and I didn’t have to buy any groceries or pay our mortgage,

THEN I would be able to get some of the things on my current

Summer Wish List

Care to take a peek?

Or perhaps donate some $$$ ?  🙂

1.) A Weber Grill

We currently have a {LAMO} electric, outdoor George Foreman grill that works just like the indoor George Foreman grill. Yeah it is a “lean, mean, fat burning machine”  but sometimes a girl would like some grilled food that actually tastes grilled–it just isn’t the same when there is no propane.

2.) A storm/screen door

I would love to feel a little air circulating throughout our home during the late afternoon hours. It may just remedy the fact that with a new little one I can’t spend as much time as I would like outside. A bonus would also be the fact that it would also cut down on the cold air escaping around our front door during the winter months and provide additional security. As you can see the benefits of this item are endless…

3.) Patio Furniture

We have the deck. We have the cool lights around our deck. If I get item #1, we will have a grill. The only thing left to get would be patio furniture. And then, we would be able to have the backyard BBQ that I currently dream of. Sounds good doesn’t it?

4.) Patio Umbrella

Our guests would need shade during aforementioned BBQ. Need I say more?

# 5 would be some new summer clothes BUT being 3 weeks postpartum is helping me have a little restraint in that category if you know what I mean.

Anyone else have something(s) they are dreaming of purchasing?


2 thoughts on “If only…

  1. I also want some new patio furniture – we currently have a four top table, but I’d like a larger one. We found one at Crate & Barrel while we were in Chicago this weekend, so I think we may get that one. It seats 8, so I’m thinking it would be good to have around by Avalon’s first birthday party 🙂

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