This made my day!

This book came to me in the mail the other day from a very sweet friend of mine who lives in AZ

The funny thing is that just a week ago I was talking with someone at work about how I had never read this book and so many people had told me it was a MUST HAVE for Elijah.

It made me heart smile because even though I don’t see this friend very much, clearly we are still connected.

{Love you Megs!}

Anyone else have any good books to recommend for Elijah? đŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “This made my day!

  1. I’m so glad you didn’t have it yet! I was so worried another “fairy godmother” had already somehow known that it was a must-have for Elijah as well, and had gotten it for him. Shew. I am soooo glad I am Elijah’s only fairy godmother :).

    Love you too, Ali!

  2. Oh, and P.S. I highly recommend anything by Plato or Aristophanes for Elijah as well–just some lite reading to get his literate feet wet.

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