Bigger, busier and baby showers


Should I introduce myself again?

Seriously, how long has it been since I blogged?

Sorry about the momentary hiatus from this place. Seems that starting a new job at 7 1/2 months pregnant can really wear you out. It was originally thought that I would only be working part-time but they are short and I don’t mind the extra $$ so I have been working 40+ hours each week. Not a bad thing but by the end of the day my creative juices are tapped and I am ready for an 8 hour nap.

Elijah is doing well. He is up and squirming around during the day and for all I know, sleeping like a good baby during the night. I just hope he can keep up this pattern for life outside the womb.

I haven’t been to the doctor since March 24th {gasp} and am scheduled for an appointment on May 19th with my new midwife. It is a HUGE praise to the Lord for keeping all of us healthy for April when we were hoping to dodge the $800 premium to keep our other insurance.  I am also very thankful that I was able to get great insurance within two weeks of starting my new job and to have the opportunity to see a midwife even though I have to wait a little longer to get an appointment. The funny thing is that they originally said they couldn’t get me in until June 7th…10 days before I was due, ha!

I’m growing as well and feeling quite large. It is funny to see the reaction of the patients I meet. Some say, “wow, you are just about to pop!”, others “you are just all belly”. I will take some belly pictures soon. 🙂

The last two weekends I have been so blessed by two wonderfully amazing baby showers! I am almost all set for all things Elijah except for onsies, socks, bottles and the ridiculously expensive breast pump! It was funny how people told me not to buy any onsies or socks because I would get a ton and I ended up with none.

The nursery is also finished (except for a picture frame or two) so I will post pictures of that soon. Hope everyone has a Happy Mother’s day.


3 thoughts on “Bigger, busier and baby showers

  1. Breast pump is completely worth the cost especially if you intend to BF for the 1st year. My hubby did the break down of the cost and it cost us $.22 a day+ the cost of breast milk storage to feed our lil guy.

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