I like these numbers

1-the number of months I have not been working

4- the number of jobs I interviewed for since quitting in March

4- the number of job offers I received

3- the number of days left until I start my new job

24-the number of hours I will work each week

16- the number of days until my new insurance kicks in and I won’t have to pay the OUTRAGEOUS price for cobra

0-the number of holidays, weekends and call shifts I will work

64-the number of days (give or take a few) until the little man arrives

1 million- the number of times I had to pray to keep trusting God to find me a job while 7 months pregnant and definitely showing it 🙂

0-the number of times (in my entire life) that God has ever failed me


5 thoughts on “I like these numbers

  1. Congratulations on the new position! It sounds like a dream compared to the hours required from DA, and to not have to pay COBRA! We paid for several months when we moved back from CA and I was pregnant with Maren – that was a serious amount of money!

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