It’s an addiction really,

Shopping from the internet that is.


So far all of Elijah’s earthly possessions {that I have purchased} have been online.

I like being able to search all over the internet for a specific thing and know that I got the best deal. I save gas, I save time {not really}, I save my sanity.

Who said pregnant women lose brain cells? Clearly I am getting smarter. 😉

Today I have spent the day in pursuit of the perfect diaper bag. I don’t know how important diaper bags are to you all but it is a bag, that is almost like a purse so it seems important to me. I will let you know if I feel the same way after the first kiddo so stay-tuned!

It can’t be too bulky,

Or to tiny,

It can’t be too girly,

Or too manly,

Or this ugly,

It has to be just right…

Except for the fabric, David just informed me is too girly…so rest assured, I will probably be going with the inside as dots and then the typical stripes on the outside.

Like these:

or maybe I will do something crazy with these patterns:


4 thoughts on “It’s an addiction really,

  1. as both a diaper bag carrier and creator, i would offer this advice to you. get the bag you love, regardless if the hubby thinks it’s too girlie. you will be the one to carry it 97% of the time. if your man just can’t handle carrying a girlie bag 3% of the time, buy a cheap “manly” or gender friendly bag that you can easily swap to on the rare occasion he will be doing the toting around. also, the bag should reflect you and your style, not the gender of the baby.

    yay for online shopping!!!!! good luck!!!

  2. I’m a little sad the ppb bag was listed as ugly. I carry them as purses and I don’t even have a baby! I love the designs and my aunt knows the creator so I get a deal. But the bags you picked are cute. 🙂

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