Ho hummm…

Today I am off for my second interview since I quit my job. It’s so funny how God works…I apply, and apply, and APPLY!!!! for jobs before I quit and never, ever get called for a single interview.

Then, I quit and BAM! 3 interviews lined up. Think that I needed to step out in faith?

yes, yes I did.

But the faith growth doesn’t stop there my friends. Nope. God is still working on me (and let’s be real, He will ALWAYS be working on me) so I have moved on to a new test of faith:

My basketball belly…

For my first interview last week I found the perfect (one and only) outfit to conceal all evidence of Elijah. Of course all the stars had to be aligned, the wind direction just right, my purse poised on the right side, my portfolio on the left and I could not take a breath…and then no potential employer could ever tell that I am with child and will need to be on FMLA in approx 3 months.

Needless to say I left the interview very anxious, not because of a the interview, but worried that the little guy had revealed himself. Not to mention what I would do if I were called back for a second interview and had to {gasp!} find another outfit that would do the trick.

I was relaying all this information to my sweet hubby that night when the Holy Spirit so kindly convicted me. David pointed out that my belly hiding anxiety was related to one thing: FEAR.

I didn’t take it so well at first but after a few tears came around to the fact that I was trying to make a job happen in my power and again not fully trusting God with providing for us.

So today I am looking in my closet for an outfit that doesn’t hide that I am pregnant but says I am a classy, smart lady that you cannot wait to hire! I am going to trust the Lord with this whole process and not hide the evidence of my sweet boy.I can tell you all that I already feel much less anxiety and more faith rising.

I will let you know how it goes. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ho hummm…

  1. That’s awesome, good luck! I’ve been dealing with the whole trust issue too lately, (re: a particular baby who doesn’t nap) and it’s amazing how as soon as I let the stress and worry go away, things got better. One of my devotions I read recently said that if we claim to trust God but still try/want to control situations ourselves, then we aren’t fully trusting him. What a no brainer, right?

    Anyway, hope it goes well and keep us posted 🙂

  2. your post just made me tear up a little, because I do that ALL the time…and then realize I am trying to control things instead of trusting. I will be praying for your interview!

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