Money Consciousness

One of the reasons that I am leaving my job doesn’t make much sense to me when I am thinking with a worldly mentality. We are completely financially secure with my pay as it is now…


nothing else about my job is good for our family– the hours, the drama, the hours, the drama, etc. I won’t go into great detail but when I did a Pro’s vs. Con’s list of reasons to stay vs. reasons to leave, the ONLY reason to stay was the money/benefits.

David does has a great job


we must raise our own financial support {simply put he is a missionary where we live}. Which in the eyes of the world would support the fact that I should stay with my financially secure job.

As I have sought the Lord about my job and David’s over the past year, He has continually impressed upon my spirit that this would be the year that I would learn to trust Him to provide financially. It is easier when there is a pay check to depend on and when I can just pick up a shift. But when I really have no control, OUCH! it is definitely much, much harder.

So as we move into this season of trusting the Lord in a very new and vulnerable way, I am trying to think of the ways in which I can make wise choices.

One of those ways–turning down the thermostat and grabbing a blanket. Our home doesn’t really keep heat on the bottom level very well and I LOOOOVE to be warm. Our heating bill is a little high so we are trying to be more conscious of how hot/cold we keep it.

Another way–groceries. I am one of those grocery shoppers that just cruises up and down the aisles trying to remember what it is I may need to make dinner this week. I often fall victim to the thought, “ooh I need this!” when I really don’t. And Lord knows those $2 purchases start to add up at Wal-Mart. So today I made a menu for dinners this week and thought intentionally about what we will need to eat. I’m going to try to save money this way and see how it goes. I would love to be one of those coupon cutters but I am a little overwhelmed with how to do that.

Wish me luck and if you have any great money-saving tricks, please do pass them my way.


5 thoughts on “Money Consciousness

  1. I will be praying that God blesses you in your decision to quit your job. I know when my wife and I were both working, it was a tough, prayer filled struggle. I will tell you what you already know. God is good and He will provide when you step out on faith. God bless you and your growing family.

  2. Do you have a cost co account?!

    If not, maybe it’s best not to be tempted by going in…

    but if so, then check out all the coupons that come in the mail (they also have a booklet available on the customer service desk on your way out). Those puppies can really really help out… and while you might not need 10 tooth brushes, it means you dont have to buy a new one all year… you or david!

  3. Praying for you! I know exactly what you’re feeling as I went through the same experience after we had Lily and I was making the decision to stay at home. We totally had to step out in faith and trust that God would provide — and He did! But that doesn’t mean it is easy 🙂

    I was never a coupon clipper either, but I started reading Money Saving Mom’s blog and slooowly have been learning a lot and saving a lot of money!

    Good luck!!

  4. I get the Sunday paper, clip the coupons, make my shopping list and plan for meals all at one time, then paperclip the coupons to my shopping list so I don’t forget them! The coupons I don’t use that week, I put in binder that I put plastic sheet protectors in. Even if I already have a coupon for a particular item, if it’s something we often use I clip doubles of it anyway. My coupon binder isn’t just for grocery shopping either! I keep coupons for restaurants and food shopping in it, too, and since they are filed in the clear plastic protectors, it is really easy to see what I have. Good luck, I know you’ll be able to do it. Peace be with you, Ali!

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