I am ready

…to Nest

…to shop till I drop

…to plan little miss or mister’s nursery

On Friday, David and I went for our first trip to Baby’s R’ Us and instead of quenching my desires to plan things out, it only fanned a larger flame.

Since I am a new mama, I am not quite sure what the “best” things are and what are practical.

  • Do you need a pack and play?
  • Do you need a bassinet?
  • Are those cribs that convert into a toddler bed, a day bed and a double bed really worth it?
  • Should I get a stroller for shopping and every day along with a jogger for running?
  • I would love a rocking chair in the baby’s room but should I get a glider or just a simple rocking chair?

So many questions and it all seems premature since we don’t even know what we are having yet. I can’t WAIT to start planning something though. To buy an outfit, to start dreaming up a color scheme, to announce the name we have chosen. I AM SO EXCITED!


4 thoughts on “I am ready

  1. I know just how you feel! I was the same way with Lily!

    And IF you’re interested, I could give you some of my opinions on the questions you have. I don’t want to hand out unsolicited advice, and obviously, they are just my opinions, but if you want some advice, email and let me know 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to hear what you are having! I will keep this from being a huge, long comment and offer the following:

    – we opted not to get the convertable crib because we knew we wanted more than one child and because we wanted them close together. We got an inexpensive (yet very nice) crib from J.C. Penny, and then moved the kids into twin beds when they were ready (AKA: when the next baby came.) You can always buy a rail for a twin bed or a toddler bed, which are generally much cheaper.

    – the stroller one is a little complicated. We opted to do the travel system (car seat + stroller), and when Cooper was about 8 months old bought a BOB. Now, many of the joggers now come with adaptors for a carseat. We have both a single and double BOB, and while I have used them for shopping many times, in busy stores and during busy seasons, a smaller stroller is definitely easier. (Remember that the baby will be about 6 months old before you will be able to run with him/her in a jogger (unless the carseat is attached) and about that same age before he/she will be able to sit in the smaller umbrella strollers.)

    Good luck!

  3. Hi! I stumbled on your blog through the pregnancy tag and wanted to offer some of my experiences.

    1 – I found the pack n play is a must…if you need to leave a mobile child for a few minutes (say for a quick run to the bathroom) you’ll need a safe contained place for them. It’s also a great thing for traveling to non baby proofed places (it offers a safe place for your child to play) and for naps or overnight trips where cribs aren’t available. It also can double as a bassinet.

    2- I bought a glider rocker when my son was born and I love it. We still read our stories in it at night. I ended up with a non-fabric (pleather type) metal rocker and was glad I did. It made such a difference when it came to cleaning up things…like spit-up. So much better to wipe it down and let it dry or drying it with a towel rather than having to break out the fabric cleaner and waiting for it to air dry. And, it didn’t have that sour milk smell like some chairs I’ve sat in.

    3 – As for the convertible beds, we have one and I’ll say this: the crib and the toddler bed came in handy. When my son upgraded from the crib to the toddler bed it was an easy switch. We then moved him into a twin bed rather than taking up all the space in his room with a full bed. We’ll be using the crib and toddler bed with our next baby due in May.

    Good luck with everything and I hope my unsolicited advice didn’t bother you. Just trying to share the wealth.

  4. Awww! This is such a fun time!!! I would say to get a video monitor….it is a life saver! You can see your little one and tell if they are ok whenever you want. You can tell if it is a “get me out of here” cry or a “I’m falling asleep” cry. Plus as they get older you can see them doing the funniest things!

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