Another Running Update

So today I went out again, not looking for any sort of adventure just a good run. All went well until….

I was at a major intersection (emphasis on MAJOR ) when my phone vibrated. This is important because I am on-call today so I have to run with my blackberry. I reached in my pocket (really my sports bra but that is another story for another time) to see who it was and all of a sudden I trip over a divit in the sidewalk, landing full-force on the concrete and dropping my phone. Realizing I have just fell in front of millions of hundreds of people waiting at a stoplight, I immediately popped back up and kept running as if that would make all the people doubt what they just seen and keep me from noticing the pain. Ouch!

 I am sure little Farm wonders what all the comotion was about and would love it if I would stick to the treadmill from now on.


One thought on “Another Running Update

  1. Ow! Glad you walked (er, ran?) away from that with only the bruised ego!

    Re: treadmill vs. running outside, don’t listen to Little Farm – he or she is just jealous because outside YOU don’t have to stare at the same scenery all the time! 🙂

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