Adventuresome Running

I live in the Eastern part of Denver. It’s kinda flat out here and the mountains are at least 45 min away (due to traffic). When I lived in Colorado Springs (1 hour South of here), the mountains were right outside my back door. Sometimes I find myself missing the trails and different running spots that were close to my house. Now to keep my running workouts from getting boring, I often change up the routes or take any change of weather as an opportunity for adventure. I love to run in the rain and have even been running out in blizzard conditions lately just for a change of pace. Nothing says adventure like frostbite and windburn!

Today I tried a new route (with some challenging hills) and had to make a quick decision as whether to proceed as that the sidewalk came abruptly to an end right before the hill that I had wanted to try. “Oh what the heck!” I said to myself, “running in the weeds shouldn’t be bad this time of year. It’s too cold for the snakes to be out and the snow has melted so I should be just fine.” Ha! The ground was SO SLIPPERY!!! Yeah the snow had melted, probably this morning, and I ended up running in pure mud! But, being the goal-oriented psycho person that I am, I just HAD to conquer that hill, the weeds and now the mud. I tried to run on the weeds as best I could (contributing to erosion in the best way) and finally made it to the top much with a nice mud mask forming on my calves.

But as the saying goes, “what goes up, must go down” and today that would apply directly to me. So, down the hill I went, anticipating a much easier jaunt. Until…I realized that the mud was even more slippery when accompanied by good ‘ole gravity and that my shoes were starting to look more like flippers than actual running shoes. The mud and weeds were forming a nice cast around my foot that only made it harder for me to stay upright. Sheesh!

I am sure that I gave more than a few cars a good laugh or interesting story tweet about. But I must say, I did prevent that from being a boring run. 🙂


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