18 weeks

Well little Miss or Mr is the size of a Bell Pepper today. I love how all the size comparisons are fruits/veggies because I really enjoy going grocery shopping with David and pointing out our baby the size of our baby while we are selecting produce to eat. 😉

Here I am in all my 18 wk glory. Again I must say that this is first thing in the morning because  as the day goes on I just get larger and larger.

I bought a bella band a few weeks ago and it is now coming in very handy for my unbuttoned pants. I feel as if I am large enough to be in maternity clothes but every time I go shopping in that section I get overwhelmed and realize that I really won’t nicely fit into them yet.

Get ready belly, you have a lot of growing to do!


4 thoughts on “18 weeks

  1. Ali, You are SO cute, and that belly is adorable! We can’t wait to see you guys soon!

    The produce section will never be the same 🙂

  2. Yay, you’re showing! You’re lucky, too, because I didn’t really ‘show’ until I was almost 6 months pregnant which totally sucked because I only felt FAT instead of pregnant! You look super cute! And aren’t those Bella Bands great?!

  3. friend, let me give you a little mama maternity clothes help. they are called, “secret fit” and motherhood maternity carries them. you might pee you pants when you see they average around $45 a pair….but TRUST me. they are soooooo worth it. you will fit into them now, and til the end, and i even wore mine for a week or so after i had the baby. you are adorable. i’m super excited for you guys!

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