Belly Pic–week 15

The funny thing about this picture is that I feel so much bigger than it looks. Now granted, this is really early in the morning (hence the fact that my face has been conveintiently cropped out of the photo and I am wearing my new santa pajamas), I just went to the bathroom and I have only eaten one meal. Which may not matter to most people but with the latter three things working against me at the end of the day, I pretty much look like I am 25 weeks pregnant.  It is a sight to see. 🙂

I also would like to mention the casual elevation of my pinky in this picture. I had to take my own pic in the mirror this morning and for some reason my inner beauty queen came out in my pose. My apologies to Miss America’s everywhere.

Today we are off to do some post-Christmas returns and then host our 2nd Christmas of the season. Between now and Monday we will have 3 more Christmases and I will be sleeping in my Santa PJ’s every night until the 2010 in case you are wondering.

Have a splendid day.

p.s. Isn’t he cute?


2 thoughts on “Belly Pic–week 15

  1. I don’t think I believe that you look 25 weeks pregnant. You might feel like it, but you HARDLY even look pregnant!! Enjoy it while you can!!

    You’re too cute….. =)

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