Every morning he laughs

On black friday, at 3 AM!, my hubby decided that he wanted to take advantage of the $15 jeans at Old Navy.

I decided to pass. I had much more important things to do, like fostering a healthy growing environment for little Farm and getting some much-needed beauty rest.

Off he went and fortunately came back without too many open wounds.

The women who were there even helped him to figure out what size and style I would like so he could surprise me with some jeans of my very own. Isn’t that sweet!

I slept, he shopped, and I still got presents. Score!

The only problem is that I will probably start needing new jeans in about a month or two so please don’t judge if you see me wearing my new pair every day. I just want to show hubby that I appreciate his efforts.

But I must confess, I did ask him to get me something while he was there,


But not just a pair of those “slip” on kind that are sooooo last season.

No friends, slipper boots!

~If you just fell in love, as I did when I first saw them, here is the website where you can purchase some of your very own: www.oldnavy.com ~

Wearing them has kept my feet warm and makes me feel quite fashionable…

Well at least until my hubby laughs at me (each and every morning) when he sees me sporting my new slipper boots.

“David, if you are reading, you better watch out or I will buy you some of your very own for Christmas. Now zip it!”



3 thoughts on “Every morning he laughs

  1. Those are really cute boots! How sweet of him to get you a pair of pants. Yes, wear them all you can now! One day I just stopped fitting into my pants, now I’m wearing glorious maternity pants with the fab elastic waist LOL!

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