Believing God


I started doing this Bible study about 4 weeks ago and have loved it. I did a Beth Moore Bible study in college (Breaking Free) and another one on my own (Esther) a few months back. I would recommend them to anyone, even if you don’t have a church group to do them with. You learn so much about God, the Word and yourself. Each study I have done has impacted my life in a very memorable way.

I started Believing God when I was the midst of a infertility struggle. David and I had been trying for months, I had received a diagnosis of PCOS and none of the meds were working. During August, I struggled with a lot of anger and depression.  I had been bottling up all my doubts and fears and  hadn’t been pouring out my heart to God. One day, I kind of hit rock bottom and went in my closet to cry. I started listening to one of my favorite worship songs over and over and over and over again. As I poured out my feelings to the Lord, hope began to rise in my soul and I felt better. Nothing in my situation had changed but I had peace from the Lord. Shortly after that day, I started the Bible Study and it challenged me to have faith and BELIEVE God for what I have asked.

I had a friend who once had the faith to pray for someone to raise from the dead (here in America). I asked him how it was so easy for him to do this. He told me that all that God requires of us is to have faith and if that is what God asks, then that is what he was going to do. In every circumstance that presented an opportunity for faith, He would just believe God enough to ask Him for the things that He says He can do. When I asked him about dealing with disappointment (if the answer was no), he said that God may have just been testing his heart in that situation to see how much he did believe before giving him another opportunity to have faith.

As I began the study, Beth Moore focused in on one of my favorite scriptures: “Abraham believed and it was credited to him as righteousness.”  The scripture once again spoke deep in my soul and I decided that I would live that verse. I would believe God no matter what. I didn’t always have to understand and it didn’t have to make sense to me but I want to be righteous before the Lord no matter what. It seems simple and it is.

Things didn’t magically get better but my heart was a peace. My heart is safe believing God. When I doubt and fear, then I feel like I am sinking in the sand. But believing and trusting my Lord, I know that I am on a solid rock.

I bought this necklace when I started the study and even though I am pregnant and did get what I believed for, I know that choosing to believe God permeates into every area of my life.





8 thoughts on “Believing God

  1. Thanks for the heads up on that study! Sounds like exactly what I need right now…believing that we will be able to sell our house and move closer to family. Seems impossible now but I know I need to just believe. Isn’t He so good? Through all my life He has always been faithful….it is just remembering that in the valley!

  2. Love that entry my friend…. I think I need to read that book and do that study as well. when your done let me know…

    So happy in every way for you.
    love ya

  3. That is so true. So many times when I’m praying, I have to ask myself if I really believe God can do it. It’s like I have to put it all into perspective and then say to myself: “Hey, if he raised Jesus from the dead, then he can do this!” :). I’m going to check out this devotional, I’ve had a hard time finding a good one.

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