My new bling

***Update: everything that I said in this post no longer applies. It must have been the placebo effect because yesterday was the WORST day of nausea thus far and I was sporting my bracelets. Sad day…****

David didn’t get my new jewelry at the place where every kiss begins with “K-ay”

and he didn’t go to Jared’s…

but I don’t think they carry something this classy.


Walgreen’s is where my man shops for me.

And to be honest, I don’t think I would be as happy and normal feeling as I do now if they were made from diamonds instead of this nice, gray stretchy material.


I hope people won’t think I am white trash if I wear them with a dress and heels to dinner tonight.

Do you think I can pull it off?

Regardless, I don’t really care. I have not felt like throwing up for the first time in 2 month thanks to these Sea Bands.

If you are pregnant and nauseous, try them. I was a skeptic but within 5 minutes I felt a MILLION times better.


2 thoughts on “My new bling

  1. Told you so!!! =) Glad you finally went and got them. If I was still in my first trimester, we could be “bracelet buddies.” =)

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