Let’s Catch Up…

Since my Wonderful, Life Changing announcement last week, I have had a blogging block {if that’s what you call it}. There IS the temptation to write about all my symptoms and naps related to the little Farmer growing inside of me…however, I know that most of you would stop reading once you read “breast tenderness.”

So I have arranged a buffet of sorts for your reading and viewing pleasure…

1.) It’s SNOWING HERE!!!!!!! and, I love it! It makes me so excited for Christmas. Forget Halloween and Thanksgiving, I am ready to decorate our house. I think I am a little premature on my holiday spirit due to a couple of things 1.) last year we couldn’t decorate because our house was for sale 2.) I have so many great ideas for our new home. I am not really one to out do myself with Autumn Decorations so Christmas is my time to shine. I may just put up our tree before Thanksgiving this year. I hope my Turkey Day guests won’t mind. If they do, I will just blame it on pregnancy brain. 😉


2.) My hubby organized our garage a few days ago {which gave him approximately 300 brownie points} and found one of his old toys.


Anyone recognize it? It’s one of the creatures from the book Where the Wild Things Are

Personally I have never read that book but the stuffed animal looks well-loved so David must have enjoyed it.

3.) David and I have started being very intentional about scheduling a date night every week and I LOVE IT! Especially since we have had conflicting schedules. A few weeks ago he planned for us to go to Color Me Mine to paint ice cream bowls {since I love Ice Cream SO MUCH!} Lets just say I wasn’t the only one with my creative juices flowing. I was very impressed with his design.


His Bowl is AWESOME!



Can you guess which kind of ice cream is my favorite?

4.) My friend Alicia bought me my first pregnancy gift–so thoughtful!

DSC_0186 DSC_0184 DSC_0183

5.)  I didn’t end up running the 1/2 marathon this weekend {which was hard to swallow since I paid $80 to register} but I didn’t want to push myself too far with this little babe. However, I have still been running and hope to run throughout my pregnancy. For all of you that just gasped, take a deep breath. I  am being wise about it. I don’t run nearly as hard as before, I walk if I feel cramping or if my heart rate goes to high. I just love running so much that it is hard for me to do some other form of exercise at this point.

6.)  hmmmm, what could I say about the number 6…..Oh I know!


My Bronco’s are 6-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great day now off to catch up on your blogs. 😉


4 thoughts on “Let’s Catch Up…

  1. I loved Where the Wild Things Are as a kid, and I remember having a stuffed Wild Thing like that. You should go on a date to see the movie – I definitely recommend it! (You can find the book narrated on YouTube so you know the story before you go — and you can compare the visuals. I think they did an excellent job preserving the colors and textures.)

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