It’s a Miracle

**posted on my infertility blog when I found out I was pregnant**





I never saw it coming…I took the test today because a few days ago I told my mom about all the symptoms I was having {I thought I was about to get my period} and she said that it sounded like I was pregnant.

We all know about the nausea and breast tenderness I have been experiencing {ugh! but now totally worth it}. There has also been weird cravings for Taco Bell, Pickles and random other foods I don’t usually eat. Fatigue has also been a struggle this past week. Today I took 2 naps and still feel exhausted. Then this morning I found a bag of chips I put away in the refrigerator {does pregnancy brain really start this early?}. I have also had constipation. When I Googled symptoms for pregnancy I found all of mine to be on the list but never thought it could be true since I didn’t ovulate on the clomid this past month.

My mom is the one that I told about my symptoms first and she thought that I was definitely pregnant. I didn’t want to disappoint myself so I waited until David got back from his fasting/business trip to mention it to him. He thought I should test to be sure and went to the store to get me one. I thought I should wait until the next morning but got a little impatient. I took the test on Sunday night when David was at an FCA event. I almost fell over when I saw it was positive.

Turbo and I jumped into the car to go tell David because I was so excited. He was surprised to see me in the parking lot and I quickly held up the test.

Later that night he told me that at his fasting/business retreat that his boss had led a prayer time for us. They all knew that we were struggling with infertility. Towards the end of their prayer time, his boss had prophesied that David would be a father and that it was already done. David had postponed telling me this because he didn’t want to get my hopes up. But it was true! We are praising God for this blessing!

It is still setting in and I keep looking at the two lines over and over again.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, this seems so surreal. :)

{p.s. if you are one of the few people who knows who I am and does read this blog, please don’t say anything to anyone since I still need to tell my family. Thanks}


One thought on “It’s a Miracle

  1. This is awesome! I’ve been out of your life for so long! God totally works miracles!!!! Can’t wait to hang out now that your little one is ONE! Wow! Love!

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