Come on in…


Welcome to our new home. 🙂

I finally decided to put up the pictures because who knows when we will have the time {and the money} to finish {and buy} all the things I want to for our new home.

{Yes, I am a perfectionist, thankyouverymuch.}


{Don’t mind Turbo, he had an itch}

Obviously we need some furniture for this room…


Here is the bathroom {it’s always good to know where it is in case you have to go…}


Then we have the family room

Or is it the living room?

Maybe it is both for the time being, hmmmm?


Here is the kitchen:

Anyone hungry??


I can’t even tell you how much I love the large cabinets {that just so happen to be mostly empty}


Can you see the sneaky water bottle that made it into this pic.

{memo to self:  blue doesn’t match the color palate.}


Ooooooh, here is my FAVORITE part, the RUG!!!!!!

Isn’t it just peerrrrrfect?!?!!


Then we have the Laundry Room

and the infamous “Twins” whom I love dearly.


Here is a view of the kitchen and living/family room:


{No, Turbo is not pooping in the above picture even though you may think differently.}


Here we have the same shot but different pillows on the couches:

I think I like these pillows better. They seem more cozy.


~Now it’s time for UpStairs~

Once you reach the top of the stairs you the loft which is where our study will be {which happens to be a DISASTER!!!!!}


Then the hallway leading to the bedrooms:



First up is the purple room {also empty, are you getting the theme here??}

Right now it is home to our iron but hopefully one day it will be home to a sweet baby.


Then we have the guest bedroom.


Guest Bath


Onto the Master


{Oops, I think a part of my thumb made it into this shot. Just be thankful it wasn’t another pic with Turbo in pooping position}

Just looking at my bed makes me want to take a nap.


Here is the other side of the room:


and the bathroom with the hideous shower doors!


that I cleverly covered up with a much prettier shower curtain.

{Something about the doors made me feel so, what shall I say, EXPOSED!}


Oh and Turbo’s room

{which also happens to be our master closet}

So nice of him to share. 😉


And that is it.

We are SO thankful to God that he gave us a house of our very own.

Thanks for coming over and please feel free to offer up any and all decorating tips that you may have {for all my empty rooms}.


13 thoughts on “Come on in…

  1. Beautiful! Sean and Casey just moved into their new house yesterday too. They still have a lot of boxed to unpack and realize, like you, that they have a lot of empty space to fill. But that’s a good problem. May God bless your home with a lot of living, laughter, and love.

  2. It looks terrific! You have done a great job so far – the rest will come in time (and budget . . . we have been in our place for 2 years and still don’t have a couch.)

    (And where did you buy?! I swear I have been in that EXACT same model house just a few blocks over from us! Did you stay in Parker?)

  3. Wow…what a beautiful home Ali! You have done such a great job decorating and making it cozy! I love it! We are hoping to get into a rental home in November, so you will have to come help me decorate! Miss ya!

  4. I love your house. I love the curtains and sofas in your living room and the rug in your kitchenette. My mother-in-law actually has that same rug and I adore it. I hope she tires of it soon and hands it down. Mama needs a new rug. (Seven rugs in our house have come from his mom…)

    Thanks for visiting. I’ve added you to my blogroll. =)

  5. I.hate.shower.doors. HATE THEM! They are so stinkin’ hard to clean — we have one in the master bathroom.

    BUT I love, Love, LOVE your house! It’s gorgeous! I feel the same way about all the empty rooms in our house — but you’ll fill it up quickly — hopefully with babies! And I’m told that you’re never really “done” decorating. I’ve got more projects than time and budget will allow but oh well! Looks like you’ve done a great job so far and I’m sure you’ll continue to do so!

  6. WHOOPS! This is MO. On my mom’s computer…and signed on as her too, apparently. ANyhow. I’m sure my mom would love the rug/twins too. peaceeee.

  7. LOVE it! I really like the high ceiling in that fire place room…and LOVE the wrought iron stuff over the couch. You’re a great decorator. Ugh, how exciting for you! Now, I just can’t wait for the baby:)

  8. Hey Ali (this is the same Sophie, btw :), I just saw the link to your blog on your FB profile then decided to be nosy :P. Your new home is lovely! It looks so cozy, I love all of the light in the kitchen. 🙂

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