Yes, we still act like we are 13

I have the most wonderful sister(s)-in-law and I simply adore hanging out with them.


My own sister is about 12 years older than me; and while we still love each other, we have never been in the same stage of life. Of course having an older sister does have its perks (like learning to drive her car, taking care of her little ones, sneaking all the ice cream out of her freezer when I was younger) but  now I have the best of both worlds. David’s sister’s are 24 and 21 and we have a good ‘ole time together.

Like last night, we decided to do a little prank calling. It isn’t the first time and I am sure it won’t be the last. Why? Because it is so freaking hilarious.

Lori (21) is the one that we often rely upon to do the talking. She can practically speak in any accent and come up with the most hilarious things to say

Kristi (24) has a ton of friends that we call {to prank} and their responses make us laugh uncontrollably.

One of our favorites goes a little something like this:

Lori (in a Russian accent): Hi this is Betty calling from Baskin Robbins. If you can name 31 flavors, in 31 seconds, we will give you 31 dollars. Your time starts now…

Poor innocent person who answered the phone last night: Oh, hang on. My roommate loves Baskin Robbins. He goes there every night. Let me get him…

Roommate: Hi…

{Lori goes through her lines again}

Roommate: I don’t think I know 31 flavors.

Lori: Ok, you can name 10 flavors for $10

Roommate: Um, um, I can’t think of anything. I am so nervous

Lori: I will help you get started:  Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla. Now you only have 7 more to go…

Roommate proceeds to list 7 more flavors {one of which is cookie dough, my favorite!}

Lori: Ding, Ding, Ding….you have won a $10 gift card from Baskin Robbins

Roommate: Oh! That is wonderful, but I am trying to lose weight so I will probably just use it to take ice cream to a potluck {???}

Lori: Great, can we have your address?

And would you believe that this poor guy gave us his address!!!

Now before you think we are just a mean group of girls, we are going to send him a BR gift card and a note thanking him for being a part of our immature fun.

Now it’s your turn, what is your favorite thing to do with your brother(s)/sister(s)??


3 thoughts on “Yes, we still act like we are 13

  1. You guys are adorable! And fun! Wish I could hang out and prank call with you sometime 🙂

    I’ll bet that guy is going to be relaying the story of how he won a gift card from some crazy girls for years to come 🙂 Starting with that potluck he’s going to take the ice cream to…

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