A little DIY project

When David and I first starting dating, it was around Christmas time. So for Christmas he decided to really impress me by giving me a picture from one of my favorite painters, Monet.

Very thoughtful idea.

See below:


Ahh, how love can blind even the most wonderful man into thinking that I would like a gold frame.

Well, surprisingly I kept this picture all of these years.

And if you know me then you know that I do not keep people’s gifts out of obligation.

If I like it, I keep it. If not, I don’t.

Sounds harsh?

It is… but is just who I am. I try to avoid being a pack-rat to a fault.

All this to say, I must really, Really, REALLY love David since I have kept this picture under our bed for 3+ years.

Now that I have this huge house to decorate and exactly 3 rooms that were lacking in furniture and pictures I thought the picture may just work in our guest bedroom and save a little $$$$.

I went to Lowes and picked out a nice chocolate brown paint.


God love whomever  invented little paint can samples.

They are cute and save $$


I poured a little in one of our old paint trays and used a sponge to paint it on the frame.

I didn’t want the frame to be completely brown because  I knew that some of the gold would bounce off the light yellow walls in the room quite nicely.


It took me all of 5 minutes to do this.



Can you see that the walls are a soft yellow?

They are that way in the bathroom too and I am not feeling that excited about painting so I decided to keep them.

Here is the bed, new comforter (ahhh, I love comforters!) and picture all together:


The comforter is slightly masculine and the picture is mostly feminine which gives the room a nice gender balance.

I think I am quite pleased with the final product. 🙂


3 thoughts on “A little DIY project

  1. That is the cutest little can of paint I’ve ever seen. And I love what you did with the picture frame!

    I am the same way about gifts — and for that reason I always ask people to be very specific when they give me gift ideas. I’d rather get them something I know they really want and use than try to guess at what they’d like!

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