The rug and it’s pillows…

We move in 6 days!!!!! I am totally pumped but also dreading our busy week. I love all the things we have to do that are ‘house”-related but am not so fond of the working, working, and more working that is also on my schedule.

Be thankful to have a job.

Be thankful to have a job.

Ok I put myself in perspective.

Moving on {pun intended}…

So here is a little taste of the ridiculously expensive pillows that I could not live with out. My initial inspiration came from a suggestion from my blog friend {Vanity} and after reading her email, there was no stopping me from going straight to Pottery Barn.

DSC_0006 DSC_0007


I went, I saw, I tested and I purchased.

The only good thing about the Pottery Barn experience (other than the aforementioned pillows} was that three of the pillow covers I chose actually fit my existing pillows.

I know, I am one thrifty, creative girl {who also lives much of her life in denial}.

Oh and for those of you who practically hypnotized me into getting the rug offered your input about the rug…I did. The one I had originally seen was too small so I had to go online to order the *big* one. It also came with a much *bigger* price {gulp}.

After my purchases Mr. Budget called an emergency meeting and told me to lay off the shopping for a while.

But hey, at least my house will have a great rug and nice pillows.


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