The Newest Celebrity Fruit

The other day at Walmart, I found myself considering buying a body wash that was way more money than what I normally buy because it was a “refreshing blend of cranberry and pomegranate.” It wasn’t the cranberry scent that I was drawn to (that’s found the in the body wash I usually buy) but the intriguing pomegranate.

“Now, I am sure that cranberry smells so much better when mingled with a dash of pomegranate,” I told myself.

“I bet the pomegranate wiill make my skin softer.”

It took me about 3 pinches just to get myself back to reality.

Then I started noticing something. I am strangely drawn to this fruit. Let me expound…

  • Sobe has this delicious new zero calorie water and I love the yumberry pomegranate flavor
  • I bought a new color of nail polish–pomegranate red
  • My burt bee’s chap stick–infused with pomegranate oil
  • At my favorite smoothie place I order the Pompalooza each and every time
  • Pomegranate vinaigrette is also delightfully refreshing on a salad
  • My favorite gum is positively pomegranate (Orbit brand)

As you see I am significantly slightly obsessed.

However, it is interesting to me is that I would not be able to describe to you what about the pomegranate flavor/scent/oil/color/fruit I am drawn to. Truthfully, I think that I have fallen victim to a very sneaky advertising ploy. A few years ago, if you asked me what a pomegranate was I would have said poma-what?????” And now, I am it’s biggest fan and obviously willing to pay more just to satisfy my addiction.

If you have never had one, try one next time you have the chance. I ate some of the seeds in a salad once and they are like little, sweet bursts of joy in your mouth (did I just write that?).

But I must confess to you all that I have never bought one of these little cuties or even used them in a recipe. I guess that is the next step and then maybe I can be President of the Pomegranate Fan Club!

Anyone wanna join?

You will get a free bottle of  cranberry-pomegranate body wash.


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