Theoretical Bargain Hunting

I’m not a regular at Pier One {Target is usually my store of choice. Can I get an Amen?} but last weekend I was lured to the store by the giant 60% Off signs hanging in their window.

Who can pass up a sale? NOT ME {or my friend Cassie}!

I sauntered into the store…and found the a small little shelf with 60% off items that were clearly from last season {as if I truly know when last season ended and this season began, nevertheless…}.

So much for the big sale I was hoping for but I could still wander around the store for good decorating tips {a lie that I wholeheartedly believed} . I told myself that their advertising tactics would not work on this intelligent woman!

I almost made it out of there until I laid my eyes upon this:

Then it was over.

Pier One had another customer.

And if you have to know, my purchase was not 60% off.

See how great it looks…


2 thoughts on “Theoretical Bargain Hunting

  1. I LOVE it! And – of course it wasn't 60% off, right? Isn't that just how the universe works?

    I think I need to make a trip to Pier 1 now!

  2. Oh I love it too!! Looks so nice! It makes me want to go look for "ideas"! How fun! I would love to see more pics of your place! Miss you!

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