They are after me…

Ever since moving to Parker, I have felt as if the animal population here are trying to “get me.” Let me explain…

It all started with a little piece of doggy poop on our patio furniture. We currently rent a condo on the bottom floor as we try to find a house up here. So there is a porch directly above ours. Well that owner has decided to allow her dog to relieve himself outside, on her porch. Do you see where this is going? Yes, the poop, from the little wiener dog, falls through the cracks in the wood onto my porch.
Then there was the time that I went out to my newly cleaned car to find not one but two large deposits of bird poop on my windshield.

These two incidents didn’t put me on my guard because hey, things like that happen to all of us right? And they don’t know that pooping on other people’s things is rude.

What really got me thinking was the day I was running along the sidewalk by this abandoned piece of property. Lots of ground hogs {or whatever they are called} live out their days in comfort here digging holes and moving dirt. Well as I am running I trip on some barbed wire in the middle of the side walk…I am sure that I could almost hear those little guys high-fiving and laughing as I picked myself off the ground. Their little booby trap had worked.

Then they must have radioed down the path to the EXTREMELY large snake to scare the life out of me (see this post for that story).
Last week it was the deer population that was after me. I hit a deer with my car. Actually, more appropriately, the deer ran into my car. Yes, I like that way of thinking better. And for all you people feeling sorry for the deer, don’t. He walked {trotted} away from the event only having large bruise on his right hip. He {or she} got off easy compared to his/her dead relative that had been mangled by a car just moments before.

See here is a picture of him that I got right after the accident.

My car on the other hand…
…has enough damage to “notice” but not enough damage for the insurance company to pay me more than I will pay to have it fixed.
I don’t know what it is with the animals in this town but seriously, I am a nice person!
I DON’T wear fur,
I am NOT a friend of Michael Vick
and I have never been hunting.
But I have been known to, on occasion, kill any and ever spider that ever comes across my path.
Do you think that is it?

2 thoughts on “They are after me…

  1. I am with Mo, that is not a pretty sight on the porch before guests come to visit. It's a good thing that Turbo is such an amazing animal or you would give up on all friends with fur.

    As for your blog, TOOOOO funny!

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