101 Posts…

means it is time to do the infamous blogging post {drum roll please}…

101 things about moi!
  1. I have a propensity to use ketchup for a dipping sauce
  2. I love to know about a need and have the resources to fulfill that need (call me a fix-it girl)
  3. When someone is hurting, I tend to feel their pain internally
  4. I love a clean and organized house
  5. My car also likes to be clean and organized
  6. I love to give blood
  7. My husband and I have the same blood type which obviously means we were meant for each other. Except I am not sure if I met someone else who had my blood type that I would feel the same about them
  8. My whole life I wanted to be a elementary school teacher
  9. I am a nurse
  10. All of my patients have non-survivable injuries and some are already brain dead
  11. But they save countless lives (through organ donation)
  12. I named my first dog after my elementary school (Lewis-Palmer)
  13. His name was Lewis and then my sister got a dog and named it Palmer
  14. I now have a dog named Turbo
  15. He is 5lbs and will always look like a puppy
  16. No, I did not name him after my school
  17. My mom and dad met at 7-11 (if you don’t have those in your state they are a convenience stores/gas stations)
  18. Interestingly enough my dad was born on 7/11
  19. I always like going to 7-11 because I went there a lot with my dad when I was little. Many of my lunches were 7-11 hot dogs and a Slurpee.
  20. My dad died when I was 11 and I still get sad about it to this day
  21. One of my favorite things is when my mom says “Your dad would always say…” or “You know what your dad do in this situation…” It makes me feel like I can still know him
  22. My mom is one of the strongest people I know
  23. She has “lived” her faith
  24. When my world was turned upside down (when I was 11), my family landed firm in the arms of Christ
  25. He has never let me down
  26. I had an eating disorder for 6 years
  27. It was the most HORRIBLE thing I ever went through
  28. People ask me how I got over it…
  29. no one thing, but the common thread through it all? CHRIST!
  30. No single diet, or therapist, or exercise or prayer or fast did it, it was a process
  31. I always hope that someday I can help other girls with eating disorders
  32. I never kissed anyone until I got engaged (the first time)
  33. I bought my wedding dress then
  34. and didn’t wear it until 3 years later when I married the aforementioned man with the same blood type as me
  35. I kissed him before we got engaged (and 4 other people…so much for virgin lips!)
  36. We used Mountain Dew for the toast at our wedding
  37. and the guestbook was a football for people to sign
  38. I met my best friend and my husband at the same restaurant
  39. I had never dyed my hair until I was 24
  40. when I found 3 gray hairs
  41. I have been to 6 different countries
  42. Hawaii is my favorite place to travel
  43. I don’t like long plane rides overseas
  44. which probably stems from the fact that I threw up the entire way home from Rome (12 hour flight!)
  45. I use to think flying in commercial planes was scary
  46. until I had to fly, on a regular basis, in a prop plane {over the Rocky Mountains, in a thunderstorm)
  47. I don’t like roller coasters
  48. I do like the mountains
  49. I love to hike
  50. I have hiked *8* 14,000 ft mountains in Colorado
  51. Hiking Pikes Peak was my least favorite
  52. There is a parking lot at the top and a donut shop which is very anti-climactic after a 14 mile hike
  53. Skiing is fun
  54. My husband fell off a ski lift once so he doesn’t ski
  55. I have a sister who is 12 years older than me (she used to ski)
  56. She has 4 kids–2 born in America and 2 born in China
  57. I am closer in age to her two oldest than I am to her
  58. I got lucky when I married David because I now have 2 more sisters
  59. They are my age…
  60. If you know any single, Godly, available , handsome men…lets set them up!
  61. One of my favorite job’s was being a camp counselor at the camp I went to when I was little
  62. I can’t wait to be a mom
  63. We already have the first and middle names picked out for our first boy and girl
  64. and our next dog…
  65. no we won’t name it after my school
  66. I have a boy middle name–“Michael”
  67. David has a girl middle name–“Lindsey”
  68. Just another reason we were meant for each other
  69. Did I also mention we were both born in October?
  70. I sometimes think I want to be a doctor
  71. Then remember the amount of school it takes and what I wrote on number 62
  72. I played soccer when I was younger
  73. Now I run
  74. I have run a 1/2 Marathon
  75. and will run another 1/2 in June
  76. Does running two 1/2 marathons, allow me to say I have run a full marathon?
  77. I am 5’5″ and born on October 25th and 5 is my favorite number
  78. People ask me why I have a favorite number…I don’t know, I just do
  79. If I ever pick a number between 1-10, guess what I pick?
  80. 5!
  81. Blogging is a fun hobby of mine
  82. I especially love when people leave comments
  83. Words of affirmation is my love language
  84. I just bought a Nikon D-60 in Nov
  85. I want to become a better photographer
  86. so I take 1,000’s of pictures of Turbo
  87. He is so DARN cute
  88. Tulips are my favorite flower
  89. I love to decorate my house
  90. Target is my favorite store generally speaking
  91. My biggest flaw is comparing myself to others
  92. I use to be defined by my good grades and the fact that I was a “good girl”
  93. Being on time is not something I am good at unless there are consequences for being late
  94. When the Lord speaks to me I am at peace
  95. I love my life (especially when I am not doing number 91)
  96. I hope to someday own a horse
  97. I want to own a house with a front porch where I can sit on a swing or rocking chair, drink iced tea and watch my children play in the yard
  98. I think my eyes are my best feature
  99. I love my husbands silly nature
  100. I wish I were more spontaneous
  101. I love having life-long friendships

6 thoughts on “101 Posts…

  1. I love this Ali…I learned so much about you! πŸ™‚ We need to go to TARGET together soon! Love ya and hope to see you soon! You’ve inspired me to do my own…hopefully that will come soon!

  2. WOW Ali, that was very informative. My most favorite people in the world are transparent, so is it any surprise you are right up there on my list?

    Go Rachel, GO!!!!

  3. So Ali, I think that you can add your friend here as well to # 60 πŸ™‚
    This was interesting, I learned a lot more about you friend πŸ™‚ God bless you!

  4. Okay, first of all. I used to live in Parker!!!! I worked at Veldkamps Flowers! SO FUNNY!

    Reading your 101 was awesome, we have a lot more in common than I thought!

    The same favorite number, we both love to decorate, we both love/need Target, we have the same snacks in our pantry, the same water filter in our fridge, I also have a sister that is 12 years older than myself, the list goes on.

    You’re a beautiful person, that much I can tell.

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