Race for the Roses

Tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby–the first race in the infamous Triple Crown Challenge of horse racing.

When I was younger, I may have done a little barrel racing and goat tying which led to my complete adoration of horses. After my dad died and I had to stop riding, I would spend most of my time riding my bike {pretending it was a horse}. But, friends, that is a story for a different day…

My mom loved horses too. Before I was born, she even owned one of her very own {what I wouldn’t give to have been born 12 years earlier!}.

And like never having owned a horse, I have yet to see a Triple Crown won in my lifetime.

Some horses have won the first two races only to completely BLOW IT in the third. Maybe it will be this year…

Well the last few years I have attempted to watch the races with people who think that is OK to chat during the pre-race show and the races themselves.

“Excuse me but if you want to watch this sporting event with me there will be a few rules:
1) no talking or breathing at an audible level during the program
2) DO not talk at any time except during commercials
Thank you.”

Seems simple {controlling} doesn’t it? I don’t know why/how I got this way but I love listening to every detail about the horses and listening to the stories about the trainers/owners.

So this year I am having my mom over for the race. She “gets it” and we always have a great time watching the shows {in silence}. She is actually the person that introduced me to the Triple Crown.

I thought it would be fun to make the food they make in Kentucky on Derby weekend until I looked at the recipes and didn’t think any of them sounded all that good.

So we will be having our own Derby dinner:

  • Turkey Pesto Sandwiches
  • Steamed Zucchini and Squash
  • Blueberry Smoothies
  • Angel Food Cake and Strawberries for Desert
Here’s to hoping that this is year for a Triple Crown Winner!

6 thoughts on “Race for the Roses

  1. YUM, YUM and Ali, if any of your friends can live with our “intense quiet rules” they could be invited to join us next year. 🙂

    Maybe the triple crown will be this year, but one thing is for sure, I will be eating well. Can’t wait!!!!!

  2. Funny stuff. I used to pretend my bikes were horses as well. I even had a pretend stable where I would keep my bikes in line with the stall they belonged in. They all had names, my favorite horse *bike* was named Fancy. LOL!

    I had a pretty vivid imagination, I guess. I’ve totally embarrassed now.

    Enjoy the races!

  3. I think it’s great babe. I have the Super Bowl, were I can scream, cheer, and totally lose control. And, eat man food. Happy Derby day to you.


  4. LOL. You crack me up!!

    The food sounds good though. If we abide by the rules, can we come?? 😉

    ~ Jen

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