Excuse me while I pick myself off the floor…

Today I came face-to-face with the realization that I am apparently not as “in shape” as I thought I was.

I love all the different classes that 24 hour fitness offers and have been trying to go whenever I am NOT on a case. It is nice to do a something different from running and have a motivating instructor tell you what to do and how long to do it.

Spinning classes are one of my favorites but the only caveat is that you have to show up to the gym an hour early just to sign up. Sometimes, I only have the hour free to work out, not two hours to sit and wait to work out. If you haven’t tried a Spinning class yet, you should. Nothing can make you sweat faster!

Turbo-kickboxing was a lot of fun even though I didn’t get all the choreography down right away. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to hang but I did and hopefully my upper cut will look better next time I can go. After that class I still had the energy to run 3 miles and felt pretty good.

Today I decided to try 24-hour’s version of boot camp. {“Self, what were you thinking!?”}

Just before going to the gym I sent David a text, “going to try boot camp and probably do Pilate’s afterwards.” Ha! Little did I know…

Have you ever watched the Biggest Loser?
Yes, well then you know Jillian.
Today I met the Colorado version of Jillian and she was my “boot camp” instructor.

I did enjoy the variety that she included in the workout but I was definitely not able to keep up with all the exercises {pushup’s for 2 minutes, ha!}. Apparently being able to run 6 miles on a treadmill under 60 minutes and training for a 1/2 marathon doesn’t really mean you are “in shape” because I could barely keep up with the lunges, the push ups, the frog leaps, the mountain climbers…

Let’s just say I didn’t make it to Pilate’s afterwards and I had to do a pretty darn good job of convincing myself to shower. You can be sure I rewarded myself with ice cream tonight!

Here’s to hoping I make it out of bed in the morning!



2 thoughts on “Excuse me while I pick myself off the floor…

  1. That’s awesome! I’m a class girl too. Love spinning (it’s my favorite) and I’m doing kickboxing now throughout my pregnancy. And I have felt the same sentiment of “not being in shape” before (even though we are!) because even though I could spin until the cows come home, I can’t run to save my life! Crazy, isn’t it?!

    Also – do they have kettlebells at your gym? Talk about an awesome workout. It’s the hardest but the best! Try it if you can!

  2. My wonderful friend…I definantly need to go with you to one of your classes. The boot camp…Not so much but maybe the other ones =)

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