When we signed up for

we also bought a membership for

The two compliment eachother so nicely!


6 thoughts on “Widsom

  1. Ali,
    In regard to your comment on Vanity. Do you understand what the saying “the glass is half full” really means? Your comments to Vanity were all negative. Does she really need to hear how bad it is going to be? She has the power to make it a great assignment. It’s up to her if she is miserable or not. Maybe you should rethink what glass half full means!

  2. Read your comment to Vanity Ali and found it to be quite cleaver, don’t understand what in the world has got Melissa all up about it. I enjoy Target too. 🙂 Sometimes a little joke here and there is just as good as a glass half full.

  3. We did the same thing it was such a deal. So now I can buy the two huge tubs of nutella from Costco and then run, run, run on the treadmill

  4. Hey lady! Let me know how Costco is…Ben and I are still debating if it is worth it for just the two of us. Hope you arent staying too busy. Miss you =)

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