I am one of those people that has a hard time keeping surprises.

I get so excited that I just NEED to tell someone, anyone.

Sometimes I beg David to let me give him his presents early just so I can get it over with. But, he won’t have any of it–he actually likes waiting (I guess opposites do attract)!

Well, I am planning a surprise for Valentine’s Day.
I can’t tell you what it is (David might read this)
But I am so excited!

David always does big surprises for me so I felt like it was my turn to keep the flame burning.
I am working on it tonight so hopefully my creative juices are flowing.

Are you a person who enjoys waiting for surprises?


2 thoughts on “Shhhh

  1. Um. No. I totally suck at waiting…especially to open presents. Typically I can convince Andy to open up one christmas present like a week before christmas. This year, we opened up one present before christmas and he opened up a bag of marshmallows from me : ) haha. he was so ticked. he couldn’t figure it out. he asked if i was making him yams for christmas????? so weird. Then eventually when christmas rolled around he opened up part two of the marshmallow gift and it was a marshmallow shooter gun thingie : ) he’s such a little boy at heart. it was one of his favorite gifts!

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