is a name that I will NEVER consider for my future daughter! No offense to those of you named Jennifer…there are just too many people with that name in my world.

Jennifer P. -my boss
Jennifer L. -my co-worker
Jennifer M. -my co-worker
Jennifer K. -my co-worker
Jennifer W. -my co-worker
Jennifer T. -my co-worker
Jennifer F. -my friend
Jennifer G. -my friend
Jennifer V. -my best friend from Elementary school
Jennifer H. -my sister’s mother-in-law

Is there a name that you will never use for your children and/or pets? 🙂


5 thoughts on “"Jennifer"

  1. LOL. I am not offended at all. There ARE names I don’t like though…. I’ll have to tell you all about my “name rules” someday.

    ~ Jen

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