House Shopping

Last Saturday we went shopping for our new house! We still need our townhome to sell but we wanted to check out some houses in Denver so we would know what we wanted. It was quite the experience seeing how some people choose to live and show their houses. Trash everywhere, beat up walls, crazy colors and then they want you to pay 270,000! No way!

Here are two of our favorite houses. The first one is my FAVORITE! I am such a porch girl–love them, need them! Just imagine white rocking chairs, hot chai tea, a blanket (depending where you live) and a great book …perfect! The garage is in the back of the house (which I love) and it is brand new (fun!). The second one is in a better part of town, has a good layout, and is very clean (even though it has been lived in it). We don’t really need a three car garage but it is the same price as the other house so we won’t complain. Both houses have 3 bedrooms so there will be plenty of room for our friends to visit (hint! hint!).

1.)Porch House

2.) Great-Area House

I know you can’t judge a book by it’s cover but which one is your favorite? Would you like either of them?


9 thoughts on “House Shopping

  1. They are both really cute but I think I like the second one better! I think the fact that it’s in a great area helps a lot too! It looks really nice! We want to come visit! 🙂

  2. Wow, I love both! If I HAD to choose, though, I would choose the second one. Location is a really big deal – definitely want to be in a great, safe area – and plus, it has a great Craftsman look to it! Keep us posted!

  3. ummm definitely the first one hands frickin down!!!!!!!!!!!!so adorable and ali…make sure you get that air tested, though:)

  4. I LOVE looking at houses. I saw you on whittaker woman’s blog and saw CO! All my family lives out there, my parents are in the springs and grandparents in Ft.Collins and Denver. What a small world.
    Good luck finding that house=)

  5. House hunting is so much fun but can get confusing. I would just stick to what you like. For Ben and I it was open floor plan. For you guys it might be a awesome porch. Obviously there will be some give and take but just know which ones you are OK with giving. I think they both look like beautiful homes for sure. My suggestion is make a list of must, wants, and no-ways! HAHA

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