Tagged (by Jen)

I think I did a post like this a few weeks ago but who can resist talking about themselves on a blog? Not Me! Jen tagged me in her blog a last week and I am just now making the time to fulfill my blogging duties.

6 things about me (different from the last post!)

1. I love the feeling after a run. I am completely hooked on endorphins. The actual process of getting through the run isn’t always fun but I never, ever regret it once I am finished.

2. I had virgin hair until this past May. I had always prided myself on being true to my natural hair color but all I needed was a couple gray hairs to push me to the other side! I was 24 when I found the first 3 gray hairs and you better believe that I am in no way ready for the “silver” look!

3. I like Ketchup (enough said)

4. I have had two implants…ha! Not the kind you are thinking…tooth implants. That isn’t really that interesting but I thought I would trick you for a second. *wink*

5. When I was in fifth grade I had my teacher, parents and friends start calling me “Ali” instead of “Alison” after I saw a beautiful (photo-shopped) model named Ali on the cover of Seventeen magazine. Oh how vain I was…

5. My favorite thing about God is how He never changes. Meaning, no matter what may happen to me in my life, no matter where I may find myself or what trials may come nothing can EVER seperate me from His love. Oh what peace that gives me!


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