He Speaks

During the recent months, I have truly wanted to hear the Lord speak to me that this is truly His will about us believing for Him to sell our house. He has already done many miracles in this new season (my job for one) yet I still need Him to reassure me. So I did what any child would do, I asked Him to give me a word.

Now I was a bit unsure how He would speak to me but I knew that He would. I always fear that I will read the Bible looking for Him to say something and that my mind will create a message from the Lord from my own understanding. So I just began to pray and ask Him to speak very clearly…HE DID!

On Monday, I was at one of my hospitals speaking to some staff about organ donation. While I was on the elevator, around floor 8 or 9, an older looking man (probably in the range of 50-70 years old) got on the elevator.


I smiled.

He smiled and said hello.

Then he said “do you take gifts from strangers?”

“Only if it isn’t candy.” (me trying to be funny of course)

He said “well here, keep this if you like it.”

It was fake coin with a verse from Matthew 28:20

Jesus said, ” I am with you always…”

“I would like to keep it, thank you!”

The messenger gets off the elevator


It was MY message from the Lord telling me that He is with us through this process.

Oh how it comforted me.

If you are needing a word from the Lord in some area of your life.

Don’t hesitate to ask.

He will answer.

Then you will have peace.

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