Two Families this week both suffered much in the last few days
Two Families had the opportunity to have their loved one save lives
Both families said no.
I am sad…

You see organ donation (like most things in life) is not cut and dry. There are so many variables and different circumstances with each potential donor. Everything must somehow align for it to even be an option for families–its truly a miracle.

The circumstances are always horrible. There is much tragedy and I get thrown into the mix of it all. I do everything in my power to make sure that the opportunity to donate, to save lives is preserved. When it comes time to speak with the family, the naivety in me always hopes that it will be the easy part in the whole process. If I were approaching myself, then that would be true; however, I am not.

I am drained today because two times this week I poured myself into the mission of Donor Alliance. Two times I prayed fervently that the Lord would make it possible for 18 of the people who die every day to live. Two times I tried my best and it didn’t make a difference. I keep running all the events around in my head and thinking about what I could have done better. But truly, it just wasn’t meant to be.

I may never understand how people say no to saving a life
I may never understand unless I myself am experiencing tragedy

For all those on the waiting list…I will keep trying because I want you to have more life, I want you to know Jesus if you don’t and if you do, then I want others to know Him because of you.


6 thoughts on “Drained

  1. I always thought that your job sounded SO amazing…. like something I would want to do. But I am not sure I could keep it all together if someone told me “no” and if I had a day like you just had. I bet you ARE drained.
    Keep your chin up and just remember that God is in control. We may not understand why things happen the way they do, but He is in control and has great reasons for why He does what He does. (I am currently struggling to remember that.) 😉

  2. You are incredible…one of the few people these days who is actually working for a purpose, besides filling a bank account. I love the passion you have for what you do and I am so happy for you that you are filling God’s calling in your life!

  3. God sent you to earth to be such a light for so many people. I feel so so blessed to have you in my life. I love you tons girlie!!

  4. Wish I could knock three times on the floor and make everything okay for you. At the end of the day Ali, you did your very best and each person made a choice that was beyond your control. I am grateful and proud of you for caring so much.

  5. I can only imagine the emotions you go through on a daily basis! God is definitely using you in an amazing way. Keep trusting in Him . . .

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