Random Ramblings

  • Today we had our second official showing of the house (in the week that it has been on the market). God is so faithful! The first guy didn’t like the laundry room location which happens to be next to the bathroom. I wish I could correct him because it is more of a laundry closet than room. However, I can understand and this is the kind of market where you can be picky… I plan to be picky myself. 🙂
  • I am really enjoying the fact that the house must be “show ready” at any time. This is the type of environment where my perfectionist tendencies are truly able to shine! Therefore my husband must also go along with it (all in the name of a quick sale of course…) and allow me to complain about any crumb he drops on the kitchen floor. I know, I should enjoy it while it lasts.
  • My friend Heather is interviewing for a job at Donor Alliance (where I work) and I am SO excited. She is such a sweet, genuine person. I love her heart for others and look forward to spending more time around her.
  • I have several names for my dog: Turbo (his actual name), Turbinator (his superhero name), Turb (don’t mistake this one for TURD…), Turby (given to him by my sister-in-law Lori), poochy-poo (in a baby voice, of course).
  • I absolutely love this new Crystal Light that we got yesterday. I tried it at my friend Cassie’s house and I practically drank the whole pitcher. I got some at Wal-mart (yes I shop there, I am a woman on a budget!) and I am addicted. You should know that my addictions come in phases. I absolutely love something, then consume it whenever and wherever possible until I never want to see it again. We shall see how long this love with Crystal Light Strawberry-Orange-Banana lasts!
  • I am going to go do my wifely duties now…laundry, emptying the dishwasher, taking a nap with Turbo (shh, don’t tell David) and playing some Mario Cart (another addiction I can’t seem to shake. Maybe I should read a book instead of shooting flying turtles at Luigi and Mario…na!)

2 thoughts on “Random Ramblings

  1. Next time you need a new addiction, such as that amazing crystal light, let me know and I will find us some awesome thing to try. And, I too, shop diligantly at Wal-Mart with total pride in knowing that I am getting the best deal!

  2. I too would love the fact that my house would have to be “show ready” at all times. I strive to do that everyday anyways, but somedays I fail. 😉 – – You like Wal-mart too? I think that’s our second home. lol

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