2 years and counting

August 31st was our 2nd Anniversary!!!

I know I am a little late posting but we have been working non-stop on something (I’ll tell you about it a little later…)

The weekend of our anniversary we went camping with two of our good friends, Jeff and Dawn. We had a blast but unfortunately I did not plan ahead enough (aka I forgot to bring more batteries for our camera = NO PICTURES!).

So visualize this: two great looking tents (one from REI and one from Target); Two fearless dogs (one a black lab and the other a small Maltese who is deathly afraid of the big black lab); Smores (3 marshmallows toasted golden and one burnt, mine); no indoor plumbing for miles (ask David about that).
Now onto our actual anniversary day…
If you don’t know David, the man likes to celebrate! 🙂

David surprised me by taking me for a romantic dinner at the…

(here we are with the Mona herself)

(for some reason he couldn’t keep his eyes open for the picture and it wasn’t because he had too much wine!)
It was a great night talking about our marriage, remembering the wedding, and eating great food.
For our “planned” celebration, David had gotten one of his friends (who conveniently works at the Brown Palace) to give us the employee rate for 2 nights (that is $65 a night instead of over $200 a night). So last weekend was our trip to Denver and it was great to just get away, even if it was only 60 miles away.

The hotel was built over 100 years ago
The bed was just divine!
Babe I adore you even more than I did the day we were married. I never could have fathomed all that we have done or where the Lord is taking us. You are an amazing leader and great friend with such a kind heart. There is no one else in the world I would rather wake up to every day or tickle me till I can’t breathe.
I love you forever!

2 thoughts on “2 years and counting

  1. How fun!! Greg and I had our first date at Mona’s (so that place will always be special to us) and spent a couple nights around Easter at the Brown Palace 2 years ago. Both are fabulous!! You guys really know how to live it up!! =)

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