Dentist Nightmare!

I had a dentist appointment today for a “routine” cleaning. I haven’t been in over a year.

I know that makes me a horrible person, especially because I am a nurse but hey, we all have shortcomings right?

Anyway, I went a new dentist turn over a new leaf per se (actually because we have new insurance) and was sadly disappointed.

It’s not what you are thinking…I had absolutely no pain whatsoever. No pain, no drilling, no scraping, now water squirting on my face, no gross toothpaste, no hygienist with bad breath or dentist with hair growing out of his nose. Let me explain…

I arrived at the dentist 15 min early to fill out the “new person” paperwork and was called back for my appointment just on time. Everyone seemed very friendly, thinking when I had last been to the dentist (ugh, embarrassing) and what kind of x-rays I had at my last dentist. That is where it all went down hill…

The x-rays were a B-I-G deal to this place and they wanted me to remember if I had 8 or 18 at my last dental appointment. Now usually I can remember odd things but since it has been awhile, the whole 8-18 thing was throwing me for a loop. It didn’t seem like a big deal to me but then they started saying that if I didn’t know then they would not be able to clean my teeth. Seriously????

Then they came back and said that they could do x-rays on me there and would clean my teeth.

After a brief exam, I was told that I have two teeth on the top that have a lot of build-up and are effecting my gums. The hygienist told me that I needed to have a special cleaning procedure (costing $200) on those two teeth to clean under the gum line. I asked her why this had never been brought to my attention before and she then went straight to the flossing issue.

Hygienist: “Do you floss daily?”

Me: “Not daily but on a regular basis.”

H: “Oh that’s why you have this problem”

Me: “Well I have never flossed daily and all my other dentists said that I did a great job”

H: “Well as you get older…How old are you?”

Me: “24”

H: “When you are in your twenties you can start to see changes in your teeth because you are aging and that is why you need this special procedure.”

Me: (in my head…since when was OLD 24?) “Well since I have never been told anything like this before, I would just like to get my teeth cleaned today.”

H: “Well every one’s assessment is different and this is what I see. I am not going to be able to clean your teeth unless you agree to this procedure.”

Me: (in my head again…WHAT!!! You won’t even do the preventive cleaning that I haven’t had in over a year because I won’t agree to pay $200 for a problem that I have never heard of before and I just met you and you can’t even say my name correctly…she said my name “Ali” like Mohammad Ali…excuse me but do I look like I am from the Middle East and a boy????…) Let me call and check with my husband about this.

After talking to hubby and agreeing to get a second opinion…

Me: “I hope I am understanding you correctly that I cannot get my teeth cleaned unless I agree to do the procedure.”

H: “Yes”

Me: “We’ll I have been here for over an hour and need to get back to work. All I wanted to do today was get my teeth cleaned so I will have to go.”

H:”You are leaving?”

Me: “Yes, thank you.”

I went to the dentist (good), got there on time (good), was honest about flossing (good) and practically begged to have my teeth cleaned (very good) and was denied. How weird!!!!


4 thoughts on “Dentist Nightmare!

  1. Ali, this is crazy!! I can’t believe you couldn’t even get your teeth cleaned. I went to the dentist yesterday (it had been 2 years for me), it was a new dentist. I should give you the name…maybe you can go there! They cleaned my teeth, without xrays, because I was pregnant. Wow, sorry you had to go through all of that! That is insane!!I’m glad you left!

  2. That is so funny! They sound like my dentist in Texas. I had to have that clean under the gums procedure too. And funny enough, Robby had the same problem. I think they push it on everyone. They were always trying to get us to do things we didn’t think were necessary. I think I’m dentist-shy now because I haven’t been since we moved here! Good for you for standing your ground! 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I had SUCH similar experience at the dentist last year when I, too, got on new insurance! They asked me if I flossed, I said yes but probably not as often as I ‘should’, and they then told me that I had 2 cavities and needed a crown- which would cost me about $400. ?!?!??! I had just been to the dentist 6 months earlier (my old dentist) and had no problems at all, and I had a really hard time believing that all of that could go wrong in that short amount of time!

    You better believe that as soon as they were done cleaning my teeth I left and never went back. CROOKS! All they wanted was my insurance money!

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