Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

Since we live in a town home, we are not allowed to plant any flowers, trees, bushes or shrubs. The HOA has complete control of the outside. This is great since we never have to mow the grass, water, or worry about the roof.
However, this year I have been very interested in flowers and wanting to plant some of my own. Since I am not allowed, pots will have to do. Yesterday I went to Home Depot and picked out some of my favorites while talking on the cell phone with my mom (for moral and gardening support). I have never been good at watering plants so hopefully all these beautiful flowers will survive.
–Loving the pink and orange–
Hydrangeas are my favorite!–
–I need another flower in the middle–
Any Suggestions?

–Now all our porch needs is a cozy little bench–


2 thoughts on “Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

  1. Wow Ali, your flowers look terrific. I especially like where you put them all and your choice of colors. My daughter has an ALMOST (time will tell) green thumb. Ahhhh, I feel so proud!

    On a side note, I am not so sure I like Turbo’s affection for your sweet friend, I thought that was how he felt about me????
    Love ya!

  2. Ali!!! The flowers look beautiful. Just think what you will be able to do with your own house. Petunias are really easy to grow and they always look beautiful. Plus, the best part, they are pretty cheap. Also I love these hot pink geraniums at Lowes. Not that I know much. Oh look on my blog and you will see both of them. Alright this went a little long. Love ya!

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