Crazy Man’s Castle

Bishop’s Castle

A crazy man, building a castle all by himself!
Located in San Isabel Forest
My family has been visiting this castle since I was at least 9 years old and watching the slow but impressive progress.
On Mother’s Day, we took a trip to see how the old man is doing.

I brought some candy for the road trip and didn’t

realize that the sucker would be TOO BIG for Lily’s mouth…Ha!

Lily– 6 years old (she is beautiful!)

Matthew–4 years old

(it took forever to get a “happy” pose from him)

Another view of the castle.
The dragons mouth is the chimney

My mom and Lily on the “shady” rod iron balcony

Me and Kayla

About to climb the staircase to the castle

Can you believe, she is only 14…she looks older than me!

My sister (Lisa) and her Hubby (David) laughing

They didn’t know I was taking their pic

Andrew (12) and Lease

Don’t ask…it wasn’t safe!

My mom talking to Mr. Bishop
Notice how big his personal bubble is!
If you ever want to visit, check out these websites!


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