a GOOD run vs a BAD run

Running has many variables: the weather, the course, your clothing, your hydration level, and of course, the mental component. All of these variables can determine if a run is good or bad.
GOOD: when I have a good run, I rarely have the desire to quit. I run and may get tired at some point but the overwhelming desire to keep going and to get a good workout in keeps me trucking along. My lungs are resilient. Getting to the top of the hill is feasible and on the way down, I am invigorated. I love the challenge, I love breathing hard and then catching my breath, I love the miles, and hit my stride somewhere after mile 3. Those are the days when running a marathon seems possible and I say to myself “running is my favorite!”
BAD: Speaking of bad runs, today was one of those days. I had to do some speed-work for my half marathon and it was painful. I couldn’t get in a groove. It was hot and my legs got tired at mile 2! Then I had a mental block…I had to run 3 miles faster than I have ever run before. I couldn’t keep it together and had to stop and walk a couple times. It wasn’t fun. I felt worse about my abilities after that run than I did before. Ugh…
If today had been my first day running, I might never return. However, I know that I will always have good runs and bad runs. Life is much like this concept; good days and bad days we all have. Some days you feel close to the Lord, purpose in what you do, have lots of friends, your family is at peace and your dog is potty trained. Other days, you may look in the mirror and see nothing but failure, feel distant from the Lord, have no one to talk to and your dog pees on your bed.
With running, it is not merely one day of training that determines if you will succeed on race day or not. It is the culmination of the miles ran that enable you to finish. Likewise, it’s a good thing that the Lord doesn’t pick a random day to judge our whole lives. And when we are faced with death, we will not remember only a day but culmination of years upon years of running the race.
Good or bad, the key is to keep going and to never give up!

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