So Refreshing!

One of my favorite things to do with David is go to Sonic. I know that doesn’t seem like much fun but with him it is! See, he worked there in high school and knows how to make every drink imaginable. Sometimes when we go, I ask him just to pick for me (this is my way of being more spontaneous). Most often I am pleasantly surprised with his selection and marvel at the fact that I would have continued to order a “diet, cherry limeade” my entire life if not for him.

Sadly, my spontaneity is wayning because I have a new love…the LEMON BERRY SLUSH. It is very refreshing, made with ice, real lemons and strawberries! It is one drink that always sounds good. If I feel nauseated, the lemon berry slush. If my throat is sore, the lemon berry slush. If I am dying of thirst, you guessed it…

Now those of you that are addicted to Starbucks, I don’t believe that I will convince you that my cold drink is better. However, I must say that my delicious drink (in Route 44 size) is only mere pennies compared to any tall Starbucks treat. So next time you are feeling spontaneous at Sonic, order one. And remember, 1/2 price drinks during happy hour (2-4 pm). Enjoy!


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